A New Identity

Listen as Felicia tells her testimony of freedom from homosexuality and her past as she radically encountered the love of Jesus. 


Called to Adoption

Jarrett and Veronica share their foster care and adoption journey and how listening to the Holy Spirit has brought blessings and transformation to their family.

Empowered by

the Holy Spirit

Jenny shares how through community and encountering Jesus, she learned to live an empowered life through the Holy Spirit.

Trusted for Provision

Emma shares how taking a new step of faith in obedience and generosity leads to an unexpected financial blessing.

Freedom After Abortion

Sarah shares how she encountered the Lord through one of the toughest moments in her life and received restoration and blessing as she receiving his love and purpose for her life.

Restored Through Love

Kristi tells her story of being freed from the pain and grief of losing a child and how discovering the Father's love for her transformed her life.

Freedom From Anxiety

Tatum shares how through faith in the healing power of Jesus, prayer and community she was freed from the torment of lifelong anxiety.

Miraculous Healing

Carl tells his story of complete healing from Squamous cell cancer and how he maintains his faith by seeing little miracles everyday from the Father. 

Child Dedication Testimony

Parents Sarah and Jesse share how dedicating their son to the Lord, being planted in a church and surrounded by a community, brought victory in their son's life rooted in Christ.

Your Testimony Evangelizes

Kenton shares revelation of how sharing his testimonies of Jesus in his workplace and spheres of influence is a simple and effective way to share Christ and take the church outside of it's walls.

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